Corisk helps Nordic clients understand and manage country risk in demanding markets. Emerging economies present challenges that may fully alter the the basis of operations or investment. Nordic companies daily face risks against employees, assets, and reputation. Large companies are no less at risk, several have been forced to exit from markets after revelations of corruption, expropriation, civil war, coups or severe human rights violations.

Corisk offers solid and proven tools to map the full range of country risks to the company’s market, rights to operate, security, and reputation. We help clients detect and understand risk early on, and across markets, to allow continuous operations, investments or acquisitions abroad. We offer stand-alone studies and reports, or support through the whole process to secure company assets in demanding markets.

To illuminate the risks connected with sanctions, Corisk will publish monthly reports on the trade of European countries with Russia.

Corisk offers unique insights into country risk in demanding markets

Daily management, capital allocation, investments and M&A all require solid and comparable insights into country risks, across countries and markets. Corisk offers services including:

– Structured overview of 50 country risks in more than 150 markets.
– Detailed, quantified country risk across the market portfolio.
– Assessment of every market’s special needs for Due Diligence.
– Identify and report country risks for investments or M&A.
– Tailored, in-depth studies and country reports.
– Consulting services.

Our unique country risk model was originally developed and utilized by Telenor Group from 2016. It assisted investments and M&A processes in several markets across Asia.

Corisk Structural Country Risk Model is a revised version of the original model, updated according to the newest research within economics, political science, and conflict research. The model is utilized to quantify the levels of 50 different country risks, by means of high-quality data from third parties. Key model input data are collected from national authorities, BIS, FATF, IMF,  ITU, United Nations, World Bank, and World Economic Forum.


Comprehensive risk picture per market

Quantified risk picture with 50 different country risks, including risks to currency, capital, taxation, regulation, rule of law, political change, expropriation, corruption, security, climate impact, human rights, and reputation.

The risk picture is based on the proven Corisk Structural Country Risk Model. Results are presented via intuitive graphics and to-the-point explanations for use towards Top Management or Board of Directors. The risk picture allows for direct comparison of risk level between countries and markets.

Due Diligence and Materiality Assessments

Our Corisk Due Diligence Risk Scan gives a quantified risk picture at the start of the investment or M&A process, to map specific areas of concern and give direction to further deep-dives into country risk, enterprise risk, or integrity (IDD).

Materiality Assessments of the client’s impact on human rights or the environment are increasingly becoming mandatory. This presents the clients with totally new requirements of risk awareness. Corisk provides a systematic analysis, identifying which risk areas are particularly relevant for Due Diligence and Materiality Assessments, per market.

Country Risks for M&A

We support clients throughout an investment or M&A in demanding markets. We support process design, market scanning and analysis, Due Diligence, choice of jurisdiction, red flag reporting, and risk mitigation before or after deal closing. If further international niche competence is needed, we support the vendor selection and sourcing process to ensure that the client buys critical services at the right cost.

Tailored studies and country reports

We deliver tailored studies of various topics and countries. We analyse risks and scenarios that determine economic, political or security development, human rights, or reputational outcomes. If complementary niche insights are needed, we source this from selected international partners.


Erlend Bollman Bjørtvedt is among Norway’s most experienced advisors within country risk and political risk mitigation. He headed the global country risk and country analysis function of Telenor Group from 2016, focusing particularly on strategy development, investments and M&A in Asia. He has contributed critically to the development of Telenor’s guiding principles and manuals for risk management.

Erlend headed the Public Affairs units of Telenor in Norway 2007-2013, and Hill+Knowlton Norway 2000-2007. He has advised countless domestic and international clients within the ICT, technology, defence, maritime, and food and beverage industries. He has supported political and regulatory management processes at home and abroad, related to market entry, taxation, choice of jurisdiction, partner strategies, etc.

Erlend is an experienced advisor within the defence and security areas, and has a varied officer’s background from the armed forces of Norway. He has been an election observer, and has attended the International Law course of the Norwegian Defence College.

Erlend earned his degree at the University of Oslo, with majors in economic history and minors in economics and Eastern Europe studies. He has certified, post-graduate courses in Finance, Advanced Valuation and Corporate Sustainability (NYU Stern School of Business), Globalisation and Africa studies (University of Oxford), marketing (London Business School), innovation (INSEAD), and sustainability reporting (SASB, TCFD).

Erlend has published various reports and peer-reviewed, scientific articles within economic growth and national accounting.

Jon Samuelsen is a political scientist and an experienced business manager and strategist, with a professional background from publishing, sales, distribution and intellectual property rights. He has been the CEO of Unipub AS, and Chief Strategy Officer of Akademika and Kopinor. Jon has been the Chairman of the Board of a medium-sized Norwegian company, and has solid experience from strategy development, digitalisation, expansion, and market entry.

Jon has a thorough experience as a project manager within transformation, re-organisation, digitalization, intellectual property rights, and negotiations from Norway, Europe, and the United States. He has wide knowledge of sourcing, procurement and implementation of technology, rights clearance, sales, and distribution.

Jon earned his degree at the University of Oslo, with majors in political science and minors in history and economics. 


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